Women In Tech CE Knpy

Objective Of Women In Tech CE Knpy

Women in tech were basically working on making the space diverse and bringing more gender equality. Although the current scenario has a lot of improvements, the problem that we need to solve under women in tech is more of a gender problem. The first issue is many members don't have knowledge on what the stacks are and basic knowledge on how to get started hence it's very important to help them get a foundation on the programming and technical stacks and also to enable them to build projects. In order to make women comfortable in tech, we need to make them comfortable among themselves by providing them opportunities and mentors to help them to understand what next.

Events Of WIT

Choose Your Stack

Everybody has different interests and talents so rather than forcing them to learn any particular stack we have decided to provide learning opportunities according to their interest. For that by august 2021 we have asked our women members interest and their short and long term goals and we later have provided resources according to their interest and goals For better understanding of their learning journey we have given weekly assignments for submission.


I am Remarkable

#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and other underrepresented groups to talk openly about their achievements in the workplace and beyond. Cultural and gender modesty norms can prevent anyone from acknowledging their remarkable attributes and expressing their achievements. #IamRemarkable aims at celebrating the spirit of every fighter, assuring them their achievements need to be heard. Tinkerhub CE Karunagappally and IEDC CEK are extremely delighted to host an #IamRemarkable workshop, facilitated by Ms. Ananya R, WIT Lead TinkerHub Foundation, Women TechMakers Ambassador of GDG Trivandrum and Associate Software Engineer at Accenture


WIT Execom


Alfiya Hussain

WIT Lead

Tinker to Build a better world

Tinkerhub is a tech community which focuses on enhancing the tech skills among young peers. Along with enhancing their hard skills, it also flourishes their soft skills. Through enabling peer to peer learnings.


Meenu Mohan


Community that uplift everyone to learn & grow

TinkerHub is community that uplift everyone to learn and explore with like minded, which helps for their personal and professional growth, irrespective of any criteria


Anjali Suresh

Event Lead

Hacks in technology

Through this community every learner gets various opportunities. Basic idea about technology and so on also this community aims to provide an exposure to interact with like minded people