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Tinkerhub had started the campus community in CE Karunagappally on June 05 2021.The inauguration was done by Mr. Kurian Jacob (COO, Tinkerhub Foundation), who is our alumni too. We had established the Campus Community with a pledge to bring out the tech skills among our students, polish them and to make them abled to tackle with the emerging technologies and succeed in their dream career through peer learning.


Tinkerhub CE Karunagappally’s mission is to build a strong set of digitally skilled people, who can create a better future with the help of existing and emerging technologies, which would help them pave a path in their career. By establishing this mission, we strongly believe in accelerating our fellows to be in par with the global technology ecosystem and the recent workspace needs. This mission is achieved via creating a platform to focus on tech learning with like-minded people through peer-to-peer learning methodology.


In this emerging technologically competitive era, Tinkerhub CE Karunagappally aims to bring out a whole set of technologically vibrant individuals who are highly capable of exploring and unlocking the huge pool of untouched potential that the youth of 21st century holds. Every student deserves to have the luxury of the skill set that they need for their future selves. We do this by making the individuals equipped with the whole set of hard and soft skills which would be a huge investment for their career. Through problem solving, team play, creativity, innovation and exploration, Tinkerhub provides the whole pack of skill set that one would need to create a better, equal, sustainable and innovative world.



Build From Scratch

Tinkerhub CE Karunagappally have set up a mini version of Build From Home (BFH) at the campus community level. The same stacks and project sets have been chosen from the BFH. Students have been asked to form groups of maximum four members. They are asked to select from the four stacks available i.e., Python, Flutter, Node JS and ML. The program is to start from 09 June 2021 and will be ended on 23 June 2021. The students are asked to give daily updates and the final project is to submitted after deployment on or before 23rd June.

Workshop On Basic of PCB

Ever wondered what is PCB?🤔 Wanna know about the bacics and design? 🤓 Don't worry!! Tinkerhub CE Karunagappally presenting you a two days workshop on Basics of PCB Design by AKASH R


Here we Tinkerhub CE Karunagappally & Tinkerhub CUCEK bring our Free 5 days Certified BOOTCAMP with a hands-on project at the end
Topics to be covered: Basics of UI/UX,Figma tools,Designing of Applications, websites, posters

Make your portfolio Website

Want to build an amazing personal portfolio website? But don't know how to build it and a beginner, right ? Don't worry TINKERHUB CEKNPY is officially announcing our first offline hands on bootcamp on web development with portfolio making And what more it's completely free❗❗

Execom 2021-2022

Core Execom



Campus Lead

Everyone deserve a good mentor

Tinkerhub at it's core level give an intuitive understanding of a particular stack so even a non-techy can also implement project and apply the practical approach in there real life scenario


Devadut S balan

Tech Lead

Build your future with Tinkerhub

TinkerHub is a community for tech enthusiastic people. Join the tech revolution among youngsters and be a part of our TinkerHub family. Learning is fun with TinkerHub


Alfiya Hussain

Creative Lead

Tinker to Build a better world

Tinkerhub is a tech community which focuses on enhancing the tech skills among young peers. Along with enhancing their hard skills, it also flourishes their soft skills. Through enabling peer to peer learnings.



Outreach Lead

intellectual tinkers

An intellectual is a person who engages in critical thinking, research, and reflection to advance discussions of academic subjects. This often involves publishing work for consumption by the general public.

General Execom


Meenu Mohan

Vice-Campus Lead

Community that uplift everyone to learn & grow

TinkerHub is community that uplift everyone to learn and explore with like minded, which helps for their personal and professional growth, irrespective of any criteria


Alister Clietus

Project Manager

Tinkerhub is a community which enhance the skills of students

Tinkerhub focuses on hands on projects and peer learning which is the best way for learning.


Anjali Suresh

Event Lead

Hacks in technology

Through this community every learner gets various opportunities. Basic idea about technology and so on also this community aims to provide an exposure to interact with like minded people

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What is tinkerhub ?

Tinkerhub was started in 2014 by a group of tech enthusiasts to share knowledge about technology and tech around stuff with each other. Via mastering in different technologies, one can identify their niche and grab the best available opportunities. Our community aims in building a better place for all those who are interested in exploring and getting to know better in tech through peer-to-peer learning. We define ourselves as tinkerers who are passionate in exploring tech and help each other to master through peer learning culture. It builds a better world via oursleves by creating sense of togetherness and team spirit.
To sum up,Tinkerhub is a wonderful kit of one's betterment.


What i will get from this ?

You will get to hear a lot of stories about how people started learning and doing amazing things. you will get to meet a lot of people who could help you in learning.


Is it free ?

It's Completely free for anyone who wish to learn tech


Who all can join ?

Anyone who wishes to learn something new around technology/non-tecnology can join. Anybody who is looking for some networkings, inspiration, mentors to learn and do something could be a good fit.


Still have any questions ?

Then do contact us. We help you to clear your doubt